Hi Glamboss, are you ready to live your dreams?

If that’s a yes, then you’re in the perfect place!

I’m Marina, your guide and counselor that help you overcome your fears and achieve all your goals. I’m a business coach and life stylist for female entrepreneurs who want to turn their dreams into a reality, creating a successful business and a fabulous life.

I love traveling, discovering new places, singing, dancing and of course fashion. I enjoy living a glam lifestyle, with a flexible schedule and appreciating every moment of it.

I consider myself a brand and life stylist, as I help women to transform their lives completely so that they can experience fulfillment and happiness, both professionally and personally.

I work with women who, like you, aspire to follow their dreams that have been hidden for so long, due to insecurities and fears. But I’ll tell you that each of your goals can be materialized. You just have to really want it. Besides, you can be calm and confident as I’m by your side throughout this life-changing process. So I help you with your branding, communication, marketing, web design, sales and also I suggest some daily routines that will lead you to success.

Also, if you need to reconnect with you again, I give you all the keys so that you feel at ease in your own skin, respect and love yourself (body and soul) to become the woman that you've always wanted to be.



But why did I decide to launch this business?


To find it out we need to go back to my story,

when it all began.



I’ve always been an active person wanting to have my own company. Even when I was a child, I told my family that I wanted to be a Glamboss (which means a classy CEO).

So after my studies in Communications and my master’s degree in Digital Marketing, I set up my first business. As I was really passionate about fashion and previously worked in the industry as a magazines’ editor (such as the Devil wears Prada film), I decided to create a blog where I could share my love for fashion and beauty, giving tips on styling, makeup and trends.

Although on the outside I was happy, as I was doing a job that I liked, I didn’t feel completely fulfilled. I always had to be perfect, but felt that I never did. I put all kind of pressures to myself to do everything at my best. I ended up exhausted and decided to gave myself some time to reflect. That’s when I recognized that I was being hidden on the surface. I created this false, beautiful and shiny life without noticing my true self. And in the inside I was empty and devastated. Over the months I realized that this industry wasn’t for me.

So I decided to come back to the 9 to 6 job and started working as a copywriter and social media manager. I thought that this was my path and that I would feel relieved not to cope with entrepreneur’s struggles. However, I wasn’t content, I was tired of seeing myself in the same office everyday and knew that I could do greater things.


That’s why I chose to make a change and look after myself with personal growth to become the person that I’ve always wanted to be, but hadn't allowed her for fear. From there I immersed myself in studying the laws of success, thought patterns, positive attitude, meditation and so on.

And the result was fascinating. If I’d changed, more women could too. Suddenly I’d found my purpose: to help each Glamboss to turn her passions into her career by being unique and authentic. Simply amazing!



Truly, if you think it's possible, your dream will come true.

You just need faith, intention and gratitude.

If I've done it, you can too. Promised.




If you’re ready to create great changes and live your dreams, I’m all yours Glamboss. I’ll guide you through the whole process so that you feel safe and powerful. I’ll give you the tools to achieve all your goals.



Your time has come: invest in yourself, imagine and believe that's possible.


It's your time to shine!